Horizon Roofscapes is your turn key resource for the LiveRoof® Hybrid Modular system in Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. We specialize in heat and humidity tolerant green roof projects utilizing our experience from 25 years as a perennial plant supplier.

The LiveRoof Difference


At Horizon Roofscapes our team of green roof experts is dedicated to the success of your project. We’ve developed a streamlined approach that capitalizes on decades of growing and management experience.  Our team is here to ensure your green roof project flows seamlessly with the designer and builder’s process. In this way, Horizon Roofscapes becomes an extension of your team.

Leah and Ken James


Horticulturists by training and entrepreneurs at heart, Ken and Leah started their first company, James Greenhouses in 1998. This operation supplies commercial growers across North America with millions of young plants every year. They later founded James Greenroofs in 2012 to meet the emerging demand for sustainable building in the Southeast.  James Greenroofs and Horizon Roofscapes merged in 2022 to leverage the strengths of both companies.

Robby Jourdan


Robby has spent years developing, propagating, and growing perennial plants in the Southeast US.  His passion for plants began during high school horticulture classes and continued through the University of Georgia Agribusiness and Horticulture programs where he cultivated a desire to find the most heat and humidity tolerant perennials in the Southeast.  Robby has been in the green roof industry for 9 years.  His expertise in the entire green roof process, from design consultation through installation and maintenance, has made him an asset on the most high-profile green roof projects in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Rachael Auld

Sales Specialist

Rachael is a natural people connector.  She is a fellow graduate of the UGA Horticulture program and uses her extensive plant knowledge to bring our green roof designs to fruition.  Rachael transitions seamlessly from sales presentations and design consultations to hands-on work in the field when our team needs an extra set of hands.  Connect with Rachael when you need to bring your green roof ideas from paper to planting.

Patrick Sprague

Project Manager

Artist by trade and craftsman through training, Patrick brings his knowledge of design and building to our team. He works closely with our LiveRoof growing facilities to ensure the best plants are selected. He specializes in irrigation design and installation for all our projects and is the man with a plan for getting those plants from the ground to the roof. Always level and steady, your installation is in good hands with Patrick.

Kristina Weldon

Maintenance Coordinator

Kristina is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder serving as our maintenance coordinator. She came from a background of ecology and evolutionary biology and spent her senior year completing an honors thesis on the benefits of green roofs. She is beginning to explore the green roof industry as she takes on different roles from working in the field maintaining the roofs as well as working along side Rachael in the office."

Peanut Butter

Human Resources

Peanut Butter is not our most productive team member, but we do love to have him around.  He enjoys going for short walks, chewing on bones, and lounging around with his Horizon friends.

Installation Crew

Each member of our installation crew is a certified LiveRoof installer.  Our team is comprised of dedicated and experienced installers who make each and every project a success.  While most of the time you will find our install team laying down LiveRoof trays, that is far from everything they do.  Whether it is production, planting, maintenance, or remediation this team can handle it all.

Greenhouse staff

Our exclusive partnership with James Greenhouses in Colbert, Ga creates a unique advantage for our green roof company.  James Greenhouses is one of the largest perennial plant liner producers in the US and has a catalog that includes over 1400 different plant species.  This enables our green roof design team to use many more genera than the standard Sedum green roof mix that most companies use.  Most of our plant mixes incorporate 10-15 different plant genera!