Rooftop Garden Designs

Using our provided best technical practices will ensure the long term performance of your southeast green roof project. Horizon Roofscapes provides in-depth project involvement; from design consultation to on-site installation training and oversight. Utilizing the LiveRoof vegetated tray system will guarantee you are starting with a product designed to withstand the unpredictable (and often predictably hot and humid) climate in the Southeast United States.

Our green roof experts have developed a set of tools and understanding gained only from years of experience growing and researching plant species. Horizon Roofscapes utilizes numerous different plant genus and species for each individual project, because each project has unique site requirements. Once delivered, the LiveRoof product is fully vegetated to help out compete invasive weed pressure.

We strongly recommend that you download and reference our Designer’s Checklist for every green roof project you design.


Irrigation Considerations

Wind Considerations

Fire Considerations

Slope Considerations

Rainfall and Stormwater Management Considerations

Job Site Safety

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