Star Metals Offices

Location: Atlanta, GA
Type: Commercial
Square Feet: 30,400
Products: LITE 2" LiveRoof Modules, Standard 4" LiveRoof Modules, DEEP 6" LiveRoof Modules, RoofBlue Detain Stormwater Accessory, Standard and LITE Mill Finish RoofEdge

Star Metals Offices is located in the heart of West Midtown and has seven floors of green roof. The level 7 green roof has 4 different depths of soil media, including LITE 2", Standard 4", DEEp 6", and even large tree planters that create a continuous landscape throughout with a high texture profile. Each floor has walk-out patios allowing for immersion into the green roof, and the green roofs on levels 7 and 8 are incorporated directly into the rooftop patio.